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        1. Welcome to Jinhua Changda Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd    HOME [ CHINESE / ENGLISH ]
          • Guohan Ding

            Guohan Ding
          • Stir-frying stove

            Stir-frying stove
          • Roast pig stove

            Roast pig stove
          • Ice crusher

            Ice crusher
          • Meat grinder

            Meat grinder
          • Water tank

            Water tank
          • Wood desk

            Wood desk
          • Cover dishwasher

            Cover dishwasher
          • Double Star Basin Platform

            Double Star Basin Platform
          • Three Eye Pool

            Three Eye Pool
          OUR COMPANY
          Jinhua Changda Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd ( Jinhua  Changda Kitchen Industry  Co., Ltd )  is the company of kitchen equipment development, design, manufacturing, technical maintenance, spare parts supply.Company advanced production equipment, strong technical force, the use of national art manufacturing technology, patented eco-friendly raw materials imported from finishing. The company pursues a unique design style, displaying perfect sense taste! Makes the product ……
          ADD:Opposite the gas station,Luodian Town, Zhangjia Industrial Zone,Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China TEL:0579-82538259 CALL:15067996696、13957975986、13429043688 E-mail:370598056@qq.com
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